"When the truth is replaced
by silence, the silence is a lie."
Soviet dissident Yevtushenko
Theatre studio
at the frontline
— How do young people
define themselves
in war environment?

— How do they learn
to recognise between
friends and foes?
Ukrainian tour
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'The war does not stop,
I lived through shelling.
It was very scary.
But I don't blame anyone.'
Novgorodske village, founded in the 19th century by German Mennonites in Eastern Ukraine, was officially named New York till 1951. Nowadays, it lies on the contact line that divides the government forces and the separatists from the Russia- backed and the self-proclaimed Republic of Donetsk.

16 teenagers from Novgorodske took courage to talk about the life under shelling. They take the audience on the journey to the frontline towns, expressing themselves in their letters to the unknown western friend. Promenade performance takes place in 10 locations, each one nothing like other…

I lost my way because words
couldn't pretend to be
wedding rings around the fingers
and no one told me clocks,
in the final analysis,
were not made to predict
the erratic path of disasters.
Johannes Birringer
(Uknown Friend):
Interactive documentary performance was created by director/dramaturg Olga Danylyuk in collaboration with Mystetskyi Arsenal.
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